this months book to read

How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast


Author : Sandy Forster 

The book that changed my life many years ago and its the one I go back to often. This amazing woman has changes the lives of many and I have seen her create something out of thin air literally. I am forever in gratitude. Creating more abundance and assisting others too with her down to earth ideas and practical teachings.

In The Spirit Of Bliss


Your Money Bliss  - Various Authors and also Featuring Oprah who has written a chapter. Its about finding you Bliss and creating abundance . Some are first time authors and between these pages is a LOT of experience and life lessons. Email me today for your copy as our gift to you.

Rich Dad Poor Dad


Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki have educated hundreds of thousands around the world and love him or hate him YOU GOTTA READ his books. Its about lessons learnt, businesses won and lost and its a read for anyone that wants to know how we are manipulated.

How Would Love Respond


Its a privilege to know this author and life coach through his journey over many years  of struggle to success. Now he spends his life helping others. You gotta read this one too. Author is Kurek Ashley.

Deepak Chopra ALL OF HIS BOOKS


I have had the time and space to see Deepak many times and he is one of this worlds most interesting. Took me a while to warm up and understand him. YOU gotta buy his books and start reading them, go from new editions in 2019 and read them all back till forever!

Neale Donald Walsch


Go buy them all .. I have met him a few times now and again it took me some time to understand ! One of his phrases set me free" your purpose is, whatever you say it is " 

Please buy his books - borrow them and read them as soon as you can.